The Company

Our core ethos is to provide larger company benefits in a more personal way.

From rewiring a room to refurbishing an office or factory we will work in collaboration to ensure you achieve your project aims.

Your ideas, goals and aspirations are important to us and at the surveying stage we will ask a lot of questions. Experience has shown us that the more inquisitive and probing the questions the better our understanding and delivery of the project. In addition, we promise to let you know if we can identify an alternative more cost effective or time saving approach. As such you will always get quality results at a price that’s right.

Depending on the size of your project we will always allocate the necessary resources to fulfil your goals. For example, as a minimum, you'll have an Engineering Team Leader on site for the duration of your project. In addition, all staff will be fully briefed on your project goals and timescales to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Our engineers appreciate the importance of your business continuity and ensuring their presence causes minimal or limited disruption. We promise our engineers will never intentionally or through sloppiness cause your systems to fail. Instead they're trained to ask the right questions to ensure any necessary contingency plans are in place. So as far as possible, it means you can maintain "business as usual".

Contact Details

Shai Kris
High Street
01995 672 438
07970 293 222

Gallery of Industrial Projects

Secure LED Security Light Refurbished Illuminated Signs Office Lighting Office Lighting Emergency Light Warehouse Lighting Workshop Lighting Workshop Lighting Communication Cabinet Distribution Board Distribution Board Warehouse Lighting Emergency Lighting Warehouse Lighting Warehouse Lighting Warehouse Lighting Access Control Industrial Installations Industrial Installations Office Lighting Industrial Hoist Industrial Micro Control System Industrial Micro Controlled Tanks Industrial Spray Booth Micro Industrial Control Panel Micro Industrial Control Panels Jib Crane Jib Crane Refurbished Vintage Welder Jib Crane Jib Crane Industrial Workshop Industrial Workshop Distribution Board Refurbished Car Part Press Distribution Board Installation Distribution Board